Friday, October 23, 2009

Distract Yourself and Focus

From the depths of LiveJournal, I arise into the more popular world of Blogger.

It doesn't hurt to start new things. People just tend to dislike "change". The more you explore, the more your discover. Don't limit yourself to only what you know. You never know the potential opportunities that you may be passing up.

That has been on mind lately.

Sometimes we get comfortable in our situations. Maybe this comfort is becoming a bit redundant and boring. Sometimes we are completely stuck on in a situation and want to break loose. You know how I get through these things? With distractions.

There are many ways to be "distracted". Some are positive, some are negative. Lately, I've been setting goals for myself. They could short-term or long-term. Easy or difficult. Quick or time-consuming. Regardless of what they may be, I actually record them on

With this list, I have the ULTIMATE GOAL of clearing the list. The main reason I do it is to help me focus. Without a list, it's easy to blow things off, procrastinate, forget, etc.

So maybe a goal would be to keep updating this blog. Well, I guess that depends on where my priorities are...

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