Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P90X: Day 50

Never made my Day 30 post, but here is where you can find the progression photos:


I am just over halfway done with the P90X program. I'm going to tell you straight up. The results are noticeable and amazing!

As each day passed, I was having doubts about whether I would actually be able to do some of these workouts perfectly. Would I even get near doing 10 pullups in one try? Will I ever be able to do one-arm pushups? Will I ever finish this entire workout without having to pause the DVD? Yes, yes, yes. If you follow the workouts, eat properly, and push yourself, it will happen! From day 1 to now, I am totally convinced.

Before I started P90X, I could only do 2 pullups. I can currently do 7. Before P90X, I could only do about 15 normal pushups. Now I can do 25. There were many exercises that I couldn't finish at first try. Now I am able to get through a good 90% of the workouts without stopping.

My abs are slowly starting to show. The definition in my shoulders, arms, chest and back are like WHOA. Never seen them look like THAT before. I used to get that feeling every morning where I'd look in the mirror and go... "ugh". Now, it's great to be able to look and go "WOO!" :D Sorry, had a little Ric Flair moment there...

As far as my eating habits go, I tend stick with the Nutritional Guide during the week. When the weekends come, I pretty much eat whatever, but I try to stay aware. Instead of fries, I'll get steamed vegetables. Instead of fried foods, I'll try to find grilled. And yes, we all indulge sometimes, but it's once a week if even. If you take a look at most people's 90-day progressions, the persons who had the most drastic changes were the ones who followed the diet.

I should be posting a video soon. I'm overdue for one. If you don't see one soon, there will definitely be one for Day 60 with more photos! :D

Be Thankful

It's something that we seem to hear almost too often. Well, at least I do.

I received a message from a co-worker last week. This co-worker was hired at the same time that I was. In fact, a large group of us (over 100 or so) were hired between October and November of 2001 at a Jacksonville mail processing facility. She stated that they received a 60-day notice for an involuntary transfer to another position in another location. They received it in November. They still don't know where they are going to be working. This location could be... ANYWHERE. Really.

I worked at that particular location for 5 years. After hearing rumors the facility shutting down, I decided to apply for other positions and came upon a Secretary job in the downtown location. After a year, the Secretary job was done away with and I was forced to work a 10pm to 7am shift. I hated it. I wish I had never left my old job, but I never complained. I just kept going and hoped for the best.

Long story short, I was given the opportunity to be a Secretary at the District office which is where I currently work today. I'm absolutely thankful for my job. If I were still working a night shift, working 100 miles away, or performing manual labor, I would STILL be thankful, just probably irritated and angry too. (LOL) During these current times, having a job is enough to be thankful for.