Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P90X: Day 50

Never made my Day 30 post, but here is where you can find the progression photos:


I am just over halfway done with the P90X program. I'm going to tell you straight up. The results are noticeable and amazing!

As each day passed, I was having doubts about whether I would actually be able to do some of these workouts perfectly. Would I even get near doing 10 pullups in one try? Will I ever be able to do one-arm pushups? Will I ever finish this entire workout without having to pause the DVD? Yes, yes, yes. If you follow the workouts, eat properly, and push yourself, it will happen! From day 1 to now, I am totally convinced.

Before I started P90X, I could only do 2 pullups. I can currently do 7. Before P90X, I could only do about 15 normal pushups. Now I can do 25. There were many exercises that I couldn't finish at first try. Now I am able to get through a good 90% of the workouts without stopping.

My abs are slowly starting to show. The definition in my shoulders, arms, chest and back are like WHOA. Never seen them look like THAT before. I used to get that feeling every morning where I'd look in the mirror and go... "ugh". Now, it's great to be able to look and go "WOO!" :D Sorry, had a little Ric Flair moment there...

As far as my eating habits go, I tend stick with the Nutritional Guide during the week. When the weekends come, I pretty much eat whatever, but I try to stay aware. Instead of fries, I'll get steamed vegetables. Instead of fried foods, I'll try to find grilled. And yes, we all indulge sometimes, but it's once a week if even. If you take a look at most people's 90-day progressions, the persons who had the most drastic changes were the ones who followed the diet.

I should be posting a video soon. I'm overdue for one. If you don't see one soon, there will definitely be one for Day 60 with more photos! :D

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